Collective Imaging

Welcome!  Please be sure to pre-order to save on your print packages.  We will give parents through the first weekend at midnight after retake day to pre-order.  All pre-orders as of 10/1/22 will be not be processed until after retake day's deadline cut off day (TBA)!  We will apply the pre-order from this link to the last image left on file (whether it was captured on original photo day or retake day).  We look forward to capturing your student(s)!  Please login above to pre-order more prints or retake image (note: please read retake policy on insert card sent home in the print package delivery).  We look forward to capturing your student(s)! 

***Late ordering?  Copy & Paste:  and enter your child's students ID number.  Please inquire if any issues with your student's school name, student's name, for the access code if your ID number doesn't allow access.  All orders from this paragraph link goes directly from our lab and ships to your home address.  Note: pricing increases with late ordering or second time ordering through second sale event.

Thank you for ordering!

Please contact us with any questions or concerns